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Best deal on parasailing and jetski in South JerseyPricing

Parasail flight (6 or older) $70.00
Parasail observer
(non-flyer, guaranteed spot on the boat)
Photo/Video Package
Crew takes 30-40 pics and a few short videos per flight, from the vessel. 16GB SD card that is yours to keep. (Good for up to 4 flyers)
Photo/Video Package (5 or more flyers) $35.00
GO-PRO Video Package
High definition video from the flyer’s prospective in the sky! 16GB card that is yours to keep. Captures the whole flight. (Good for up to 4 flyers)
GO-PRO Video Package (5 or more flyers) $45.00
Combo Video Package
Best Deal - Package A and B combined. Both 16GB cards are yours to keep. Crew takes from boat you take in air with GO-PRO Selfie Stick (Good for up to 4 flyers)

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